mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

Mons in concerto a Montaione / Great free concert in Montaione (Florence)

Sabato 30 agosto dalle ore 21.30 in piazza della Repubblica a Montaione grande concerto di Mons.  Mons è un “onemanband” e cioè una “band in un solo uomo”, nel caso specifico voce, armonica blues, percussioni a piede, ma soprattutto chitarra acustica. In questo originale contesto acustico Mons propone le sue canzoni, contaminate dal ragtime, dal countryblues e dal folkIrish. Guarda la nostra video intervista a Mons:
Saturday, 30 August, from 9.30 p.m in the Republic square a great concert of Mons. He is a “one-man-band” with a unique style who uses voice, blues harmonica, foot drums and most importantly the acoustic guitar with which he has developed his technique in order to play melody, harmony and rhythm at the same time. Within this original acoustic context Mons plays his own songs with influences from ragtime, countryblues and Irish folk music. Watch the video interview to Mons!

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